"When he had finished, to prevent further discussion, he walked slowly and majestically out of the apartment, making his robes to swing behind him in a most magisterial manner; he being, without doubt, elated with his high conquest." -- sidebar

I had this massive moment of panic at the doctors this morning cause she was gonna send me to the hospital and selki wOULDNT ANSWER HER PHONE but then the doctor changed her mind and decided there was nothing the hospital would do for me today that she couldn’t do so she took bloods and stuff

and then I walked home in 25°C (which is really hot for my poor Irish body) after getting a load of blood taken and I was so woozy and it sucked

and I just got back home and selki is still asleep goddamnit selki you suck

finland is made of rye bread

what is this rye bread tho

laura is always eating it or craving it and I’m just like ‘ok’

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Video Game Challenge → [2/10] Pairings
✗ Ellie and Riley

"Who am I to stop you?"
"The only person that can."

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ive had the same password since fifth grade

a collection of some of the songs i used to listen to years ago (25 tracks)


♫ ♫ hollaback girl // gwen stefani ♫ big girls dont cry // fergie ♫ how far weve come // matchbox twenty ♫ girlfriend // avril lavigne ♫ this kiss // faith hill ♫ hey there delilah // plain white ts ♫ dirty little secret // all american rejects ♫ zombie // the cranberries ♫ welcome to the black parade // my chemical romance ♫ everytime we touch // cascada ♫ a thousand miles // vanessa carlton ♫ before he cheats // kelly clarkson ♫ love song // sara bareilles ♫ pocketful of sunshine // natasha bedingfield ♫ beautiful soul // jesse mccartney ♫ dance, dance // fall out boy ♫ bad day // daniel powter ♫ its my life // bon jovi ♫ ironic // alanis morisette ♫ so what // p!nk ♫ sk8er boi // avril lavigne ♫ far away // nickelback ♫ chasing cars // snow patrol ♫ unwritten // natasha bedingfield ♫ since u been gone // kelly clarkson ♫ ♫

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i really hate this ‘ur other half is out there somewhere u just gotta meet them’ like fuck off im not incomplete im a whole person and i dont need anyone to ‘complete me’ the only thing i need is a pizza and not ur shit bye

not-so-casually blocks people on this account also